Posted: July 9, 2011 in Training

Don’t do it. Its not worth it. Break room being a storage closet, having to clean up poop, the senior staff sitting there, doing nothing and getting $2.00 an hour more than you are, the list goes on and on. You show up at work, hating life and counting down the time until you can appreciate everything you have once again. Leaving the place makes you the happiest person alive. So much fucking drama there. Currently, Im blackmailing this chick about her new lesbian obsession she told me about. She is completely terrified and is plotting her revenge on me. Only thing preventing her, is this little recording i got of her admitting it and me threatening to send it to all co-workers if she does anything to piss me off. Probably the most fake bitch ive ever had to deal with. The fun part is, the recording doesn’t exist and she’s afraid over nothing.

Training wise… Went in on Wednesday and benched 150×8. Reps are getting better and I want to maintain the reps on the way back upto 160 lb bench. Got the gunz pumped then hit deadlifts. Was the first time deadlifting in 2 weeks. Had a shitty bar and it rolled around. Hit 325×5. 90% of my energy was put towards keeping the bar straight. Did some Power Shrugs, worked upto 425×5 then did a dropset at 275×30. On Friday, I made a stupid mistake. Instead of pressing first, I decided to squat first, and that sapped me of all energy which made presses suck so much. Squatted 225×8 on the last set, which was a PR by 2 reps. Would have had another rep or 2 if my belt was actually supporting abs and the bar wasn’t slipping off my back. Friday will be 235 which is where i stalled at last time. Should blast through it at the rate the reps are going. Pressed 105 for 3×5. This sucked ass. So much fatigue from Squatting to failure that last set. Did a total of 20 BW chins throughout training in sets of 2/3. Finished up with 135×15 on RDLs. The purpose of this is to work on feeling hamstrings while bouncing on squats, and was made light on purpose. Did some fasted cardio for 35 minutes this morning. easy stuff.

For RDL explanations, check out:

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